ALBUM: The Zutons – You Can Do Anything

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There is one question that always comes around when someone mentions the Zutons: How are they not more successful? Despite strong sales of their past two albums, and a plethora of memorable singles (including probably their most famous track, ‘Valerie’, which has now cruelly become more widely associated with Amy Winehouse than with the band that originally wrote and recorded it), the band still seem to be just bubbling under the mainstream acceptance level. Could the release of their third album finally bring them the fame they so richly deserve? Well, possibly.

“You can do anything”, the Liverpudlians third studio album, carries on in much the same vibe as their previous two albums, with a casual blend of seventies-sounding rock with a subtle hint of American country and New Orleans blues stuck in for good measure. Containing the latest single “Always Right Behind You”, the album is a flightful blend of upbeat riffs and mellow soul, with tracks like What’s the Problem and Put a Little aside looking like the potential singles to spawn from the release.

Of course, sounding like your previous albums can be seen as a bad move (Exhibit A: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants by Oasis) but luckily the harsh vocal soundings of David McCabe and the sultry tones of Abi Harding’s saxophone help make this album sick out on its own. Whether their continued avoidance of mainstream success is a deliberate strategy to allow them to more creative control and a more relaxed work schedule remains to be found (hell, its a great excuse if not!), however, you can’t help but feel that any probable success that this album could gain will probably be eclipsed next week with the release of the new Coldplay album. Despite this, this album is a perfect feel good summer driving album. The sort of CD your dad would stick on and relax to while you are stuck in a traffic jam on the B252 in the rain, stuck behind a large white transit van.

You Can Do Anything is available now. Feel free to buy it by clicking here. As a special treat, check out the video above of the band shooting the cover for the new album.

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