ALBUM: The Stills – Without Feathers

Written by: Staff Writer

Montreal five piece The Stills have returned with a bravely bittersweet follow-up record.

The band have moved on from the Interpol-esque sound of previous album Logic Will Break Your Heart, and made the decision to paint on an altogether broader canvas.

Love, regret and frustration still permeate the lyrics, but musically it could be a different band with a reliance on piano and minimal guitar-work.

Songs like Monsoon are filled with gently burbling organs and chiming guitars combined with pounding bass, while The House We Live In is led by an almost processional drumline.

It’s not a quick and breezy listen, but stick with it and you’ll be rewarded. Each song will reveal a new gorgeous layer with each listen. Without Feathers is the sound of a half-forgotten childhood holiday; cheerful and wistful at the same time.

Buy Without Feathers here.

Author: Staff Writer

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