ALBUM: The Films – Don't Dance Rattlesnake

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Cool album title, cool band, but what about the music?

Don’t Dance Rattlesnake is a drunken party record full of songs about infidelity, jealousy, girls and drinking. The songs are built around great melodies, yet drip with malice and attitude – but what else would you expect from a band with all the swagger of The Strokes and the lyrical style (albeit with an American accent) of Arctic Monkeys? “She said jealousy is something that distracts you/I said it’s hard to focus with your fingers in his belt loops.”

Singer Michael Trent might be the skeeviest man you’ve never met, but his vocals bring to to mind Julian Casablancas; jumping between lazy drawl and overexcited yelping from track to track. Dark and grimy sleaze-rock at it’s very best, Don’t Dance Rattlesnake is a feedback-drenched drunken slur-along of an album, but shucks, there’s just something undeniably likeable about the whole thing.

There’s a danger that they’re a bit too knowingly cool, but who cares when they turn out albums that are this much fun?

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Author: Staff Writer

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Responses to ALBUM: The Films – Don't Dance Rattlesnake

  1. This might be one of the worst reviews I’ve ever heard. While this album is likeable and fun blah blah whatever that moron said…this has so much more to it. Sleaze-rock?? Slur-along?? The strokes?? Whoever wrote this review knows about as much as whatever generic idiot told him he should know about music. Take the best garage pop aspects of the uk and combine exceptional song writing and this album comes to mind. The style of song writing evokes comparisons to very traditional all american folk and you have a deep, beautiful, badass, and fun album so unique that generic music morons struggle to review it and start comparing them to strokes and considering them sleaze rock. Makes me sick…this album and quality song writing deserve so much more attention as such a unique and ballsy take at a crossover between american folk and uk indie garage.

  2. Kevin you idiot. Did you even read the review? It’s positive – just obviously not positive enough for you, you loser fanboy. What’s the deal? You want to suck off the lead singer?

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