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Fans of classic rock don’t need to keep on returning to those Led Zep discs because Ireland’s The Answer have just as much rock coursing through them as the legendary dinosaurs.

One year after Rise was first released this is the two disc special edition re-issue. Although the first CD is the same as the original, the second disc is filled with B-sides and unreleased tunes. The booklet has also been expanded to 20 pages and the whole thing comes with a card slipcase – not that that’s really a selling point, but just thought you’d like to know.

Like Jet at their best, The Answer trade in traditional blues rock, and they do a damn fine job of it too. Tracks like Under The Sky, Keep Believin’ and Into The Gutter can hold their own against pretty much any other rock song you care to mention, with the only difference being lead singer Cormac Neeson’s fine pipes which will blow away any comparisons you care to make.

Whether you’re a tradrock fan, or just getting bored of the relentless slew of wimp-metal taking over our ‘rock’ radio stations, Rise is one hell of an album, and The Answer are one hell of a band.

You really should buy Rise here.

Author: Staff Writer

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  1. Rob RockittNo Gravatar

    This is an awesome disc. Too bad these guys are unknown in the U.S. still.

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