ALBUM: NME Presents The Essential Bands, Festival Edition

Written by: Staff Writer

The writing might be rubbish nowadays, but you can always rely on the NME to introduce the freshest new bands to the masses.

This latest release comes just in time for the festival season, and as such has most of the bands you’ll be wanting to see this summer.

It’s not just all brand new music though, and there are some establshed acts thrown into the mix too, giving the less cool kids something to get hold of while they try to remember what CSS stands for.

The first disc kicks off with Kaiser Chiefs before leading into The Killers, but we are soon knee-deep in the likes of The Maccabees, Pull Tiger Tail and Alterkicks.

It’s not all great, and there are a couple of misfires (Keane? c’mon what are you playing at?!) but for the most part, this is a brilliant compilation that will do the job on the way to, or from, your festival of choice this year.

Author: Staff Writer

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