ALBUM: Johnny Foreigner – Waited Up Til It Was Light.

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‘Waited up til It Was Light’ is the debut album from Birmingham trio Johnny Foreigner. Featuring singles ‘Our Bipolar Friends’ and ‘Eyes Wide Terrified’, it’s a collection of indie rock tracks with a poppy, punky edge.

From start to finish its guitar packed, with each song as catchy as the next. They utilise the contrast of male/female lyrics perfectly throughout the album, adding a new dimension to songs that would ordinarily sound rather plain if just sung solely by a male vocalist.

You’re thrown straight into the deep end with opening track ‘Lea Room’, a high energy, contagious song with an interesting assortment of tempo changes. ‘DJ’s Get Doubts’ is a decent slow ballad placed in the middle of the album that provides a brief break from the up-tempo nature of the other tracks, whilst ‘The Hidden song at the end of the record’ shows a much poppier side to the band while staying true to their indie roots.

There are elements of bands like The Automatic and Klaxons, however Johnny Foreigner have an interesting depth to their music that makes them stand out from the crowd.

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Author: Staff Writer

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