DVD: UFC 100 – Making History

Written by: Mike Shaw

The WWE taught Brock Lesnar well.

While the UFC isn’t doesn’t operate in the black and white ‘heels and faces’ world of sports entertainment, try telling that to Lesnar, who wants to be the most hated villain on the UFC roster.

UFC 100 DVD reviewHis physical demolition of Frank Mir isn’t what people will remember from UFC 100, they’ll remember the way he taunted his fallen opponent, flipped off the crowd, and then bad-mouthed the sponsors and made lewd comments about his wife. On the night it infuriated as many fans as it entertained, but the resulting press attention surely won the Ultimate Fighting Championship plenty more followers. Whether they’re the sort of fans the company wants though, is another thing entirely.

The same can’t be said of Dan Henderson’s show of poor sportsmanship against Michael Bisping. In a match where Hendo wanted revenge for losing The Ultimate Fighter TV series, the former Olympic wrestler outclassed and outpunched the British fighter. Knocking him out with a big right hand, Henderson then dropped a ferocious elbow on the unconscious Bisping, later saying that he just wanted to ‘shut his mouth for good’. It was sheer good fortune that the post-KO attack didn’t do serious damage.

On the opposite end of the scale was the respectful, technical battle between Georges St-Pierre and Brazilian Thiago Alves. On paper it looked like Alves would be GSP’s most challenging opponent yet, but in reality, he was completely dominated by arguable the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world right now.

UFC 100 is available to buy now.

Author: Mike Shaw

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