Xbox reveal new UI, more movie partners and Siri for your TV

Written by: Mike Shaw

We went to London the other day.

We drank cocktails made of Champagne and Red Bull. We ate ice cream from a dog bowl. We watched a tranny in pants climb up a sheet of reinforced clingfilm. We saw a girl in a tiny leather outfit shoot sparks out of her secret parts.

We also learnt loads about the future of the Xbox 360.

Huge changes to Xbox 360Starting from now, the latest update to the Xbox 360 dashboard is available for free download and you’ll immediately see the difference. The UI has been totally reworked and is now closely related to the Metro interface on Windows phones and planned for Windows 8. It looks brill and the tile design works well on the big screen.

Speaking of the big screen, there are now even more options for watching film and television. Already accessible are LoveFilm & Sky Go, with other awesome services like 4 on Demand, blinkbox, and Demand 5 coming later in December. You may have noticed the omission of BBC’s iPlayer there – but fear not, that’ll be on Xbox in early 2012.

With films and TV now available via your console, you’re one step closer to becoming one of the sedentary wobblepeople depicted in the chilling documentary, Wall-E. Hooray!

Fat people in Pixar's film Wall-E

Big fat fatties in Wall-E

Also (and this is very cool) because of Kinect hooking up with Bing, Xbox now has voice search. You say it, Xbox finds it. It’s like Siri on your TV!

There are going to be more stories about the cool new additions to the Xbox 360 in coming weeks, and we have this survey for you to take a look at. It’s about video game consoles and how you use them, and upon completion you’ll be entered into a prize draw. How exciting! Have a look here.

Author: Mike Shaw

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