WWE ’13: THQ reveals first details

Written by: Michael Spada

The Attitude Era is back – in videogame form.

For those who caught the May 28th edition of WWE Monday Night Raw, you saw the big reveal of the cover art for this year’s WWE videogame, WWE ’13. And today, THQ revealed via their official website the first details of the newest edition in their ever improving wrestling game franchise. Fans of the Attitude Era will not be disappointed.

All of the favorites of WWE ’12 will be back and better than ever. Predator Technology returns, with loads of “new animations, transitions, and modified controls.” Last year’s edition looked better than any other WWE game in history, and that was just the first time the engine was used! And of course, create-a-wrestler will mark its triumphant return, as well as create-a-basically-anything-that-wrestling-has, in order to make the most customizable WWE experience possible. Plus, WWE Universe mode will return with choices that “determine your destiny as you dynamically shape your schedules, television shows, and rosters, and form alliances and make enemies on your way to the top.” Exciting!

Mankind and the Undertaker in Hell in a Cell

The new features, though, are bound to rope in people who may have fallen out of wrestling in years past with the return of the Attitude Era. With legends like Stone Cold, Mankind, The Rock, and the Undertaker already confirmed to be on the roster, players will be treated with an all-new single player campaign that allows them to “experience the Monday Night Wars like never before.” Whether this will be through reliving classic moments or letting you make a few of your own has yet to be seen, but an Attitude Era-centric campaign mode can only mean good things for old school fans.

The never-ending list of improvements added to every entry will of course round out the experience as well, with THQ shooting for the most authentic experience yet. This includes improvements that I personally believe are long overdue – “a new audio system that delivers the most authentic and dynamic commentary, sound effects and crowd participation ever in a WWE game.” Considering the audio department has consistently been the franchise’s only major drawback, this is thrilling news. On top of that, it’s looking to have the largest roster in WWE history, with 77 playable Superstars — 32 of which are from the Attitude Era!

Every year, a new WWE game comes along and claims it will revolutionize wrestling videogames forever. While they’re making the same outlandish claims this year and it’s unlikely that I’ll be blown out of my chair when the game releases this October for the PS3, 360, and Wii, I’m still confident we’ll have another great WWE title on our hands.

Author: Michael Spada

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