uDraw, iDraw, wiiDraw!

Written by: Martin Kreuch

Since a full review of the uDraw tablet is oh so nigh, let us sit and take a look at a launch title for the tablet’s debut on the PS3 and X360 and an upcoming game exclusive to Wii and Nintendo DS.

Something for the girls:

Disney Princess: Enchanting Storybooks

“In this game of creativity and discovery, the classic stories of the beloved Disney princesses are told in a unique and interactive way that will have kids using their uDraw GameTablet™ or Nintendo DS™ stylus like a magic brush to color and bring their favorite Disney Princess storybook to life.“

Something for the boys:

Marvel Super Hero Squad: Comic Combat

“For the first time ever, players will use the uDraw stylus to command Captain America, Thor, Iron Man and seven other Marvel Super Heroes in the battle against Doctor Doom and his evil cohorts. The uDraw GameTablet allows players to direct attacks, wield weapons and build barricades in the Marvel Super Hero Squad universe. Players can even shake the uDraw GameTablet to create an in-game earthquake!”

So now we can play games we’ve played on the Nintendo DS for years, on the big screen. Okay, not the big screen, but a bigger screen. In glorious HD. And Thor’s in it. Must be good then.

Author: Martin Kreuch

Martin is a freelance screenwriter for films and games, writing both in his mother tongue German and English. As a cross-media writer he believes strongly in the narrative capabilites of video games and watches with delight as films, games, books and comics converge into one glorious storytelling moloch. Check out some of his projects on martinkreuch.eu.

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