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Hot on the heels of Shrek the Third comes another money-making movie spin-off game – and this time it’s Transformers.

After the relative disappointment of the Shrek game, it was a bit of a relief to discover that, while still not up to Gears of War standards, the graphics were much closer to what you’d expect from a next-gen game.

Playing as either a Decepticon or Autobot, the game closely follows the plot of the film, with the warring robots trying to secure the ultimate prize, the All Spark. There’s plenty of good stuff, not least being a shape-changing robot/car/truck/plane/helicopter/gun with an impressive array of weapons – well, okay, two per robot: a big one, and a little one – at your disposal. And then there’s the interaction with the game environment – you can pick up most things – trees, lampposts, cars and buses – and throw them around, and when you want to climb a building, you just walk up to it, and climb. There’s no messing around trying to find something to hold on to, just any old flat piece of wall will do.

The transformations are pretty cool too, especially on the go, but you can’t always guarantee that you’ll be pointing in the same direction as you were before you transformed, which can be a bit of a problem in the middle of a life or death battle and you suddenly find Megatron blasting away at your ass. It’s also easy to get to grips with the simple-to-use controls, with little of the combo mumbo jumbo, which requires the sort of gaming ability that separates the great from the good.

But there’s also some not so good stuff, including programming bugs that allow characters to fall through walls, and get stuck behind them. Yes, that’s right, there are some walls even Transformers can’t break through. There’s also no in-game save which, given the length of some of the ‘chapters’, is a major oversight.

But, given the tendency for these game spin-offs to fall a little way short of the mark, this is actually a reasonably good effort. Transformers – more than meets the eye? Well, no, but it does do exactly what it says on the tin.

Click here to buy the game which is also available on PC, PS2, PS3, DS, PSP, and Wii.

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