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As young, interesting people with plenty to do, you probably have a mobile phone, and that phone most likely came with a few pre-installed games. Bit rubbish though aren’t they?

Games on mobiles aren’t designed for long hours of button bashing – that’s what your home console is for. Mobile games have to be able to fill those minute-long gaps in your day when there’s no-one you particularly want to text; waiting for a bus, in line at the supermarket, even on the toilet… or maybe not. Wherever you play them, we don’t want mobile games that demand time and attention, rather they need to provide short bursts of fun to plug those spaces that litter your day.

In this respect, Stuntman Ignition is one of the most perfect mobile games out there. A simple side-scroller where the aim is to pull the most insane stunts possible in a variety of cars. The more sick the stunts, the more points you get, the better reviews the movie you’re working on will receive.

Quick to get into, the in-game graphics are bright and clean on the small screen, and while the sound is nothing amazing, it does the job just fine. The real gem here though is the gameplay.

Stuntman Ignition has twenty-seven levels, each trickier than the next, and the beauty is that no section of the game lasts any longer than 30 seconds. This means that even if you only have a tiny bit of time, you can get into the game and progress without really noticing. That’s not to say it will all be over quickly though – a lot of trial and error is required and some levels will take plenty of attempts before you’re able to even scrape through. The controls are simple, and once you have completed the career mode of the game, you can then revisit every single level as much as you want in the free play mode and nitro-boost yourself off ridiculous ramps with nary a thought for the consequences.

Ever wanted to pull off a triple backflip with a police car, land the bastard on its roof and then be rewarded for your efforts? If so, download Stuntman Ignition now.

Stuntman Ignition is available now. Text ‘stunt’ to 88188 (cost £4.50).

For more information visit

For a free Stuntman Ignition wallpaper text ‘stunt1’ to 88188.

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  1. ignition systemNo Gravatar

    Stuntman Ignition for the mobile. Controls are a peace of cake; 2 is gas, 8 is brake/reverse, 4 and 6 to do backflips or frontflips, no really! And 5 is for nitrous, when you pick up stars. The aim is simple. Follow the director, collect stars, destory boxes, barrels, your car, really! But the thing to collect are gold stars, if you don’t, your movie will be rubbish and get the terrible 1 star out of 5. The gold stars you have, the better the rating! Also there is free run where you can do what you want, but flip your car. And there’s multiplayer, not Back Lot Battle, but a pass the phone beat the player battle thing. Very fun, but flawed. But it will make the Stunman Ignition for PS2, PS3 and 360 wait less painful.

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