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We’ve come a long way since Snake. It seems slightly churlish to complain about graphics only being of Amiga-like quality when you’re talking about a mobile phone game, but after the likes of Splinter Cell and Doom, the style of Moto GP just doesn’t cut the digital mustard.

Then again, graphics aren’t everything, it’s gameplay that really matters, and it is here that the game should be truly judged. So how does it stack up?

Well, it’s not great. A simple control system with an auto-acceleration option gives you the time and brain space to cope with some frenetic action. Or it would if the game offered anything that could be considered ‘action’.

If you have a good start and can make it around corners with no problems, then you’ll spend the entire race well in front. A bad start, and your opponents will disappear into the distance with no chance of you ever catching up. Either way, you spend the race with nothing more than pixelated tarmac to look at.

But it’s not just the graphics and gameplay that are lacking. Upon starting you’ll be asked if you want to play with sound on or off, but it makes no difference. Apart from cheesy theme music, the only in-game sound is the obtrusive bump that kicks in on the rare occassions that your bike comes into contact with another.

Moto GP 2007 is perfectly playable and will kill time, and if it was bundled with your phone as a freebie then all would be good. However, when you can pick up the likes of Worms and Stuntman for the same price, it’s just not a serious option.

Moto GP 2007 is available now. Text ‘MOTOGP’ to 88188 (cost £4.50)

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