GAME: King of Clubs (PS2)

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Crazy golf, that perennial seaside resort distraction and the preserve of the drunken teenager. Probably best you leave all thoughts of putting through the pirate ship, soaked in rain from another ‘great’ British summer aside when you get around to picking up King of Clubs.

A thoroughly insane and quite other-worldly interpretation of this noble sport, the action has been given a makeover with a mildly unhealthy dose of Americana and features (as you might expect from a crazy golf game), aliens, cowboys, robots with lasers and cosmic whirlpools.

Set across 95 fiendish holes, most of which are unlocked along on the way, King of Clubs is as much a puzzle game as it is a golf sim. As well as navigating the hazardous environments, there’s a number of different club and ball combinations to combine in an effort to come in under par and bid for that elusive hole-in-one.

Though the puzzles aren’t going to tax you for too long, there are also the usual variety of multiplayer modes to keep your friends entertained long after you’re retired to the nineteenth. The whole escapade is offered up in a simple, colourful package which while not exactly taxing Sony’s PS2, never detracts from the fun you’re having hurtling around looking to exploit the obstacles barring your way.

This is an addictive little game that captures the inexplicable natural curiosity humanity has with crazy golf and the inane grin that everyone has sinking a putt through the windmill. DLNY

Buy the PS2 version of this game here. King of Clubs is also available for the PSP, PC, Wii and Nintendo DS.

Author: Staff Writer

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    Will there be a King of Clubs 2 coming out for the PS2?

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