GAME: George of the Jungle (Wii)

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After the majesty of Super Mario Galaxy, any other platformer is going to have to pull something pretty special out of the bag in order to satisfy the game-starved masses that now make up the Wii’s garguatuan user base. Third party developers have finally caught up, the result being a massive glut of substandard efforts shoe horning in Wiimote controls that do little to dispel the myth that the best games on a Nintendo machine are usually produced by Nintendo.

George of the Jungle, based upon the recently revamped license from yesteryear (“Watch out for that tree”, indeed) is another mediocre effort made only passable (like so many Wii games) because you’re using the remote instead of a conventional joypad. The character does tend to give away the majority of the antics in this platform romp – swinging through the trees, avoiding evil monkeys and crocodiles and collecting bananas – but the pleasant surprise is that the controls are, after all that, surprisingly responsive. Naturally the game’s graphical style borrows heavily from the recent cartoon, and given the recent trend for simple, poorly animated figures, the Wii game – while true to its roots – is certainly not easy on the trained eye.

Is George of the Jungle really worthy of such criticism when your average gamer is clearly not the target audience? Your kids or younger siblings are going to love this as an introduction to platform gaming and after that you can start weaning them onto something altogether better. DLNY

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Author: Staff Writer

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