GAME: Chronos Twins (Nintendo DS)

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Put simply, Chronos Twins is a Mega Man influenced side-scrolling arcade shooter, involving lots of running jumping over hazards and shooting bad guys. Taken a step further though, it’s a seriously addictive, inventive and frustrating game.

Set in two periods of time simultaneously, using the DS’s dual screens to get this across, Chronos Twins is so different to any other platformer you’ll have encountered this year, it’s a real Marmite game.

However, if you can get used to the premise and the notion of having to constantly monitor both screens (not easy) you’ll find yourself sucked in. Sure, you’ll lose your temper and turn the game off in impotent rage more than once, but you’ll be back with five minutes.

With a retro feel, and some strong music, Chronos Twins isn’t just a one-trick (two-screened?) pony – but it’s a definite try before you buy.

We’ve got five copies of Chronos Twins for the Nintendo DS to give away. To enter, just answer this question:

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You can buy the game for yourself here.

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  1. Awesome game! I played it! Recomend to all!
    Chronos Twins ROX

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    seems interesting

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