Harmony, rejuvenation and your chakras on a console: LEELA

Written by: Martin Kreuch

Friday, 11.11.11. Registry offices around the globe groan in pain as millions of couples try to give their lifelong (meaning in this context about 24 years on average) commitment the most solid of bases: a historic date.

The same day also saw the release of a game you could either call a fitness-tool wrapped in a layer of spirituality, a true testament to how far games have developed since the days of bouncing a pixel back and forth, or an example of Western infatuation with finding your inner self in those twelve minutes between ready-made dinner and hitting the pubs.

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Zumba® Fitness, Jillian Michaels’ Fitness Adventure, miCoach Kinect, Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012, UFC Personal Trainer, The Biggest Loser: Ultimate Workout, etc. the list of fitness games available for Kinect (and Wii) is growing constantly and rapidly. So, why Leela?

Leela: Chakras

The creative minds behind the game give hope that this is indeed more than just a fitness game, drenched in new-age buzzwords. Deepak Chopra and Curious Pictures have both proven in the past that they know what they’re doing and with veteran publisher THQ they have the necessary back-up on the games-side.

I remain sceptical over whether a console game is the ideal medium to help reach a state of satori and peace of mind, but in the worst of cases you’ll end up with a fitness game with a twist and the occasional breathing exercise.

Vishnu, the gamer

Author: Martin Kreuch

Martin is a freelance screenwriter for films and games, writing both in his mother tongue German and English. As a cross-media writer he believes strongly in the narrative capabilites of video games and watches with delight as films, games, books and comics converge into one glorious storytelling moloch. Check out some of his projects on martinkreuch.eu.

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