This speaker can read your mind

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What happens when boffins from Google, Nokia, Apple, Pixar and NASA put their heads together?

The Aether Cone.


It’s a “thinking” speaker which apparently knows what you want to listen to before you do. And it looks beautiful.

The high-quality design is matched by the specs: the three-inch subwoofer promises a nice, rich bass, and an impressive eight-hour battery life means it’ll happily last a regular working day.

The real benefit of the Aether Cone though is its music prediction feature. By listening to what you like, what you turn up, and what you skip, it then makes guesses as to what you’ll want to hear in the future. It even takes location into account; so if you listen to Cheap Trick in the kitchen and Vivaldi in the bathroom, it’ll figure that out and then provide the right kind of music according to where you are.

Thanks to the gorgeous, minimalistic look, it has just three basic ‘buttons’: an on/off switch, two small volume controls and an enlarged version of the iPod click wheel.

At the moment, use is pretty limited. It will only stream Stitcher and Rdio, and only works with iPhones (iOS 7.1) or a Mavericks-enabled Mac. It will play stuff from your iTunes library though, so there’s that.

Aether says its team is apparently working on adding other popular services like Spotify. 

Priced at $399, shipping begins this week.

Author: Staff Writer

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