WWE: The Life and Times of Mr Perfect

Written by: Mike Shaw

Kurt Hennig – aka Mr Perfect – could have been the biggest star ever in the WWE. Not only was he brilliant in-ring, but he was excellent on the stick and an all-round charismatic entertainer.

Life and Times of Mr Perfect DVD coverYou only need to watch one match to see that Hennig was one of the best there ever was when it came to selling. Watching his fights, you truly believe that he’s putting his all into every single move, and when he takes a bump, he makes sure you know about it.

Yes, sometimes it’s a little too much (will one chest chop really send someone skidding across the ring?) but it’s all part of Perfect’s appeal – he gave his all in every match. As if proof were needed, chuck in the second disc which contains a selection of his classic matches. The epic hour-long battle against Nick Bockwinkle in 1986 is here in full, and to be honest is worth buying this DVD for even if you’re not interested in watching the documentary – it’s that good.

But there’s a problem. This is a very, very short documentary. It’s not as his career was so brief there is little footage to use, so why the first disc is so lacking is a mystery. A few more talking heads from the current WWE roster would have been welcomed, as would a deeper look at the darker side of Hennig’s life.

The fact that this much-loved family man died in a hotel room in Florida, alone, after a cocaine-induced heart attack is barely mentioned, and the producers should be ashamed of themselves.

Combine this with the miniscule running time, and even though there is a lot here to recommend this release, it’s far from perfect.
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Author: Mike Shaw

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