WWE: The Legacy of Stone Cold Steve Austin

Written by: Levte Lyton

If you weren’t watching during the Attitude Era, it can be hard to fathom the huge success of Stone Cold Steve Austin, especially when there are so many other superstars deserving of such unbridled adulation. However, this three disc set goes some way to explaining just why he is so loved among WWE fans.

Starting at the very beginning, The Legacy of Stone Cold Steve Austin is a comprehensive look at the career of one of the biggest names to ever step into the squared circle. From the early days, back when he had flowing locks of long blond hair in the Hollywood Blonds, (yeah, that’s weird to see), via a misguided stint as Ted DiBiase’s protege The Ringmaster, until his manifestation as the untouchable Texas Rattlesnake, even the small but important details like the changing of his name are mentioned. Stone Cold Steve Williams just doesn’t have the same ring to it does it?

Between each match and chapter of his career, there is regular input from Stone Cold himself and like the best WWE releases, we’re not just given access to the cream of his life’s work. His nearly career-ending neck injury at the hands of Owen Hart is covered in detail, as are dull performances against the likes of Dude Love. Also given the room to breathe however, are amazing bouts like his two out of three falls war against Triple H, and the no-holds-barred match with The Rock.

Austin readily admits that he is not the most technically gifted of performers, but this DVD proves beyond any doubt how energy and charisma can more than make up for a lack of in-ring prowess.

The Legacy of Stone Cold is evidence that when the WWE get it right, they get it really right.

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    but he knew this name wont work for him.
    One day when her wife asked her to have tea before it gets stone cold.
    there he got the name.

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