DVD: Shawn Michaels – Heartbreak and Triumph

Written by: Mike Shaw

The Heartbreak Kid, the Showstopper, one half of The Rockers, heel, babyface, every championship imaginable, professional disgrace, personal redemption… Shawn Michaels has done it all.

shawn michaels wwe dvd heartbreak and triumphHeartbreak and Triumph is a comprehensive three disc collection tracing Michael Shawn Hickinbottom’s career from teenage newbie to the biggest name in sports entertainment.

Unlike other WWE releases, this doesn’t shy away from the gritty side of Michaels’ life, and tackles head on his problems with drugs and the animosity other wrestlers have felt towards him. We are even given a further insight into the Montreal Screwjob, and pay witness to some very thinly veiled criticisms of Hulk Hogan.

As you’d expect, many of the matches touched upon in the documentary portion of this release are included as special features, including his gruelling Earls Court match against John Cena, and his legendary work with The British Bulldog. There are, however, some notable exceptions: the Screwjob itself, and his epic battle against Mankind. However, the calibre of the matches provided more than make up for these omissions – it’s all killer.

After a few patchy releases, WWE are back at the top of their game with this excellent collection.

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Author: Mike Shaw

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