WWE: Night of Champions 2008

Written by: Mike Shaw

A great concept for a PPV. One night, every WWE title on the line – meaning the fans get to see a series of big names stars in matches that really mean something. Or at least, that’s the idea. In reality though, Night of Champions is just another hit and miss DVD.

Yes, the big titles are contested, but so are the pointless ones that even the wrestler’s themselves struggle to get excited about. Who cares about the United States championship? Certainly not Chavo Guerrero or Matt Hardy who produce a decidedly lacklustre match.

These days the tag team titles mean nothing, and the art of tag wrestling is virtually dead, but we are nonetheless presented with two tag team title matches which test both patience and the boundaries of credibility. Clearly there is no one on the planet who buys Finlay and Hornswoggle as a credible partnership, but we are still presented with the pair taking on John Morrison and The Miz in an abysmal contest for the WWE Tag Team championship.

Even worse, however is the farcical World Tag Team championship match between Hardcore Holly, Cody Rhodes, Ted DiBiase Jnr, and Cody Rhodes. No, that’s not a typo. And no, it’s not worth watching.

Elsewhere there are middling bouts involving the likes Y2J and Kofi Kingston and a meandering triple threat match between Kane, Mark Henry and The Big Show.

But the DVD isn’t all bad. British wrestler Katie Lea Burchill produces a really good battle against Mickie James – marking herself out as a Diva to watch. Let’s just hope that she’s given a decent enough push. An angle with her and Beth Phoenix would be brilliant.

The award for best match however, has to go to Triple H and John Cena (narrowly beating Edge and Batista’s epic battle). Although it was hyped to within an inch of its life, this was still an exciting contest with a strong storyline. The result will be of no surprise to anyone au fait with WWE politics, but the journey there is hugely enjoyable.

Once again then, a generally poor value release, but with one or two great matches peppered throughout.

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Author: Mike Shaw

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