Movie review: San Andreas

Written by: Martyn Nolan

It’s epic disaster movie time! Time to get the disaster movie template checklist out…

  • A torn family recovering after a personal tragedy
  • Main lead is a loving father who buries himself in his work at the cost of his marriage
  • Shady new boyfriend for the mother who you can’t help but want to punch
  • A man who knows the impending disaster but nobody listens to him
  • A couple of light-hearted characters who give some relief to all the said disaster
  • Jaw-dropping effects

Check, check and check. San Andreas might appear to be just another disaster film on paper and is everything you come to expect. It does however, pull it off with style.

Alexandra Daddario in San Andreas

Alexandra Daddario co-stars in San Andreas

San Andreas is based around the San Andreas Fault rather than the popular Grand Theft Auto video game. The fault line is a genuine concern and a hotbed for tectonic activity which is overdue a big earthquake for quite some time. This movie is not a recommendation if you currently reside in California and have concerns about earthquakes.

An interesting fact about this film is its budget. With a receipt of $100 million it is no mere cheap B-Movie but when you compare it with others such as Ronald Emmerich’s 2012 which cost double that, it does make you wonder where the finances go.

San Andreas never has a moment where you  question the authenticity of the effects. Everything looks disturbingly realistic; from skyscrapers toppling over one another, to the ground rippling like a droplet hitting still water. The experience in IMAX3D is all the more exciting with debris flying out of the screen and scenic views looking all the more epic.

You can question some areas of this film but to do so would be moving away from what the film tries to be. You’re not going to expect a family drama masterpiece but you’re not going to be insulted either.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson takes the lead as a Fire and Rescue Pilot and the person you’d want to be around when the Western Seaboard decides to fall apart. His performance stands out above all as he displays a range of emotions as someone in control of certain situations but helpless in others.

Paul Giamatti does a great job of painting the picture of what is to come as the seismologist who has just developed a way of predicting earthquakes and tries to stress that the San Andreas fault line has been due to go off for over 100 years.

There is even a small part for Kylie Minogue of which, to be honest, the less said the better.

If you take the impressive effects from 2012 and borrow from the family elements of The Day After Tomorrow you get a great summer popcorn blockbuster which will let you forget about the world for a couple of hours.

Author: Martyn Nolan

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