Review: Wrath of the Titans, IMAX

Written by: Mark Cappuccio


If, like Warners, you are one of the biggest film studios in the world, then what better way to get the attention of the nation than with a double-barreled shotgun blast of media attention with the release at Waterloo of Wrath of the Titans in Imax 3D and the Harry Potter Studio Tour opening on the same day at Leavesden Studios.

Rosamund Pike in Wrath of the Titans

Rosamund Pike as Andromeda in Wrath of the Titans

Let’s look first at the mental screening of Wrath of the Titans at the Imax Waterloo which was a blast. The first film (Clash of the Titans) was not shot in 3D but computer geeks spent hours and countless hit points going over it, to make it look shiny and new with big monsters and crabs so that it might attract large amounts of cash and keep computer game nerds busy for years but ultimately it failed.

But this time around the filmmakers have embraced the whole 3D experience and actually filmed sections of the film in 3D so that the audience can go on Perseus journey into the underworld with him.

This is old school Hollywood film making on a massive scale, and seeing it on a gigantic IMAX screen is brilliant. Rocks explode and bounce down all around you as the first stirrings of evil are felt when an evil CGI Chimera attacks Perseus’ fishing village in the opening sequence and he leaps into action to defend his only son and keep him safe from harm. We know then that this is going to be a rollercoaster ride for our reluctant hero/dad for the remainder of the film.  And it does not disappoint for one minute.

Is the film any good? Well, yes and no really. It’s a 100 minute film that climaxes constantly. Gods die, swap sides, enter a labyrinth that makes no sense, mountains explode, human armies fight stuff, people shout, Cyclops turns up speaking Welsh, Bill Nighy arrives and steals the film (again in a northern accent like in Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy) and then dies… Toby Kebbell gets all the best lines and Sam Worthington gets to kiss Rosamund Pike. Then it all goes boom in massive earth shattering 3D!

Will you care, probably not?  But will you have enjoyed the whole massive 3D IMAX experience? Oh yes – it’s pitchfork wicked!

Author: Mark Cappuccio

Mark grew up as a ragged street urchin in Bermondsey and escaped the soot of the city to the green hills of North Wales to study English and Film at a cheap university. While there he started up the university magazine and acted as editor and chief contributor, he also made three short films, starred and produced in some plays and true to form played an excellent Scrooge one Christmas long ago. He fled Wales as they did not like his Dj’ing and returned to Londinium, where he now teaches Film & Media studies, works on his book, writes a blog, short stories and also finds time to work as ScreenTrade magazines’ resident film reviewer and has written the successful and popular ‘Box Office Banter’ articles for the last 10 years. One of his weirdest film memories is seeing The Empire Strikes Back as a child and then chasing off a man trying to break into a car behind the cinema because he thought he was Chewbacca! He has too many favourite films and hates being asked but will be watching Singin’ in the Rain for the rest of his days.

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  1. Wait…I didn’t see a “spoiler alert” and I was too careful to actually see if there were any…but did you just like sneak a bunch of spoilers there at the end? That would be of very poor taste.

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