CINEMA: Ocean's 13

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Over the course of two glamorous movies Danny Ocean and his counterparts have proved themselves the best thieves in the world. Now they are out for more, not for money this time but revenge. Crewmember and old friend of Danny (Clooney) and Rusty (Pitt), Reuben Tishkoff (Elliot Gould) is in trouble. Duped into believing he was investing in a huge project, Willie Bank (Pacino) leaves him with nothing. Proving too much of a strain, Tishkoff falls into cardiac arrest and is bed ridden for weeks.

While Tishkoff is unaware of proceedings, plans are carefully put together to bring the cataclysmic downfall of Bank and his new casino. As you would expect the plans are complex, security is impenetrable and Bank is well aware of the threat he faces. The film flows with intelligence while at the same time taking itself with a pinch of salt. The plan and its actions are clever and well directed by Soderburgh. Their execution gives the viewer a sense of envy, of wanting to be there, while at the same time knowing, in reality, it could never really be pulled off.

The addition of Pacino as the bad guy is a masterstroke. He oozes authority, class, and complete brutality. Clooney, Pitt and company are as good looking, eloquent and well dressed as ever. The continuously smooth dialogue between Danny Ocean and Rusty Ryan has started to tire and the ease with which they recruit former foe Terry Benedict is just shabby.

Even so, Ocean’s 13 is a strong end to a trilogy that had threatened to fizzle out in the previous film. BT

Author: Staff Writer

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