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“Is Walls there?”


“Is Walls there?”


“You’d better get out of the house then – your ceiling’s going to fall down.”

Most people with a sense of humour have prank called someone in the past. The exchange above is a personal favourite from years gone by, but it has been well and truly trounced by the wind-up calls dished out on Fonejacker, which aired for the first time last night on E4.

Fonejacker is a show built entirely from recordings of real prank calls, all performed by the same actor. If you have ever prank called a friend, you’ll know that it’s often difficult to hoodwink them for long, as they invariably pick your voice out from the fake one you’re trying to do. However, the Fonejacker is unlikely ever to have had that problem as he’s capable of a wide variety of convincing voices for his array of characters.

On its debut show, Fonejacker featured such characters as a mouse, who calls a pet shop to ask about ways of disposing of the family cat, George Adgdgdwngo, an African scamster hell-bent on getting your bank details, and Terry Tibbs, a diamond geezer with the gift of the gab. Terry wants your motor, and he wants it on the cheap. E4 viewers got a sneak preview of Terry when he called into Big Brother’s Little Brother shortly before Fonejacker started, harassing ex-housemate Jonathan on his dramatic eyebrows.

Each prank call is accompanied visually by a mix of cartoons, a hilarious way of flashing images up to give different meaning to random words, and video recordings taken through the window of wherever the Fonejacker is calling. It is these ways of jazzing up the conversations between the Fonejacker and the infuriated/bemused victim that will probably give the show a bit of longevity. It was bloody hilarious, so let’s hope that happens.

Watch a clip of the show here:

FoneJacker – Thursdays 9pm E4

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