Review: Jurassic World

Written by: Martyn Nolan

It’s hard to believe that 14 years have flown by since the last entry into the Jurassic Park franchise.

In fact, it has been 22 years since the 1993 original and that’s exactly when this new film picks up.

John Hammond’s dream of Jurassic Park has been fully realised in the now open and successful theme park ‘Jurassic World’. Here, dinosaurs are displayed much like in the zoos of today and people all around the world come to gawp at the spectacle.


Things are going very well in the park on the outside but internally the company is worried about the drop off in visitors. They decide they need to create a new attraction to bring more people to the park, and so they create a new dinosaur: Indominus Rex.

The Indominus Rex is a genetic hybrid of various other dinosaurs and animals and as you can probably imagine, things take a turn for the worse from here on in.

This storyline was a polarising choice for fans of the franchise as they didn’t want to see a white dinosaur with red eyes take the centre stage but in reality it’s a very logical direction to go in. It’s believable that once the wow factor has subsided Jurassic World would just become another zoo with a different type of animal.

It’s also a smart direction to go because lots of fans of the original have long wondered what the park would have been like if it ever was to be successful. This park is now displayed in its full glory, accompanied by the magical John Williams score from the original which will have any fan of the original getting far more excited in their seats than they probably should.

With that being said, this film is a throwback to the original not just in its scenario and location but also in its love of characters. This is a slow burner with not much going wrong until the latter half of the film. This is a good thing as it allows you to understand characters further and care for them when they are thrown into peril towards the third act.

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Chris Pratt takes the helm in this movie as only Chris Pratt can. He is the likeable character who respects the dinosaurs but is also tasked with trying to see if Velociraptors can be trained. Again, this was another element of the early trailers which fans were dubious about as these raptors were the ultimate reason why so many people lost so much sleep as children. However, this element of the film is also handled with care and respect.

You can tell that director Colin Trevorrow is a Jurassic Park fan and has been logical in his decisions with Jurassic World. There is more than enough nostalgia in here to keep fans happy and enough of a new direction to give the franchise the boost it needs.

What direction this franchise goes in next is a puzzle in itself but I’m hoping that we don’t have to wait another 14 years before we see dinosaurs gracing the big screen again.

Jurassic World is everything you want it to be. It meets all the criteria for a massive summer blockbuster including; characters you’ll care about, dinosaurs you love and special effects that’ll amaze a cinemagoers.

Hopefully this film will inspire a young generation just like the original did to mine.

Author: Martyn Nolan

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