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Robert Rodriguez’s Planet Terror might just be the most outrageous fun you will have at the movies this year.

Rodriguez has always given us 100% in his films and has pushed us to the edge, but here, in his latest B-Movie epic he has given us somewhere around 200% and has pushed us so far over the edge line, we are currently plummeting to our bloody deaths.

Rose McGowan sexy and gunny in Planet Terror

The film is fast and furious in a way that so many other films have failed to satisfy. From the opening logos we know we are in for something special. Rodriguez has gone so far into the mythos of the Grindhouse that he has even created himself a new title logo – a burning gravestone with the letters RIP emblazed on it. The meaning of the letters are not as they seem, but in fact represent Rodriguez International Pictures.

Fans will be so happy that the film is still in its original Grindhouse state, including the trailer for Machete – a few minutes of insane exploitation worth the admission fee on its own. With every new film Rodriguez makes, he gets closer to his independent origins, yet still manages to make each film bigger and better. Fans will love the barrage of appearances by Rodriguez favourites such as Tom Savini, Michael Parks, Tommy Nix, Carlos Gallardo (El Mariachi), Quentin Tarantino and even the director’s own son Rebel.

He pays homage to so many classic films and the film is laden with references for us all to enjoy. Rodriguez even goes so far as to use some of the music from John Carpenter’s Escape From New York, one of his favourite films and the one that made him want to be a director.

The story for Planet Terror is very basic, as all good ones should be. A small group of survivors battle zombies and have to, well, survive. But add the Rodriguez sense of humour and throw in more gore than a dozen Saw movies and you will be somewhere near how cool Planet Terror actually is. To say that the stunts and the action are over the top would be an understatement as heads explode onto the screen and zombie hordes eat their way through a mountain of human flesh and brains. The film would be offensive if it wasn’t so impressive.

So if you love gross-out zombie action with babes, bullets and bad-ass heroes then Planet Terror is perfect. If you don’t, then here is your chance to change that and get swept away.

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