CINEMA: Let's Talk About the Rain

Written by: Staff Writer

Whereas some films have very specific beginnings, middles and ends, others are simply random windows into the lives of other people. Such is Let’s Talk About The Rain, a slice of French whimsy in which family and friends meet up, talk, do nothing much of anything, and yet leave their encounters just that little bit wiser about love and life.

Feminist writer turned politician Agathe (Agnes Jaoui) travels from Paris to her childhood home in the south of France to help sister Florence (Pascale Arbillot) sort through their recently departed mother’s belongings. Once there, she is persuaded by would-be documentary makers Karim (Jamel Debbouze) and Michel (Jean-Pierre Bacri) to take part in the film they are producing. What follows is a series of discussions, squabbles and insights into human nature that point to everyday disappointments and sorrows. Jaoui has a lovely light touch which makes this warmly funny film strike at the truth of human nature. It’s not profound or startling in its revelations, but by showing people with all their foibles, it makes them both vulnerable and endearing.      Dee Pilgrim

Author: Staff Writer

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