Old cinemas vs multiplexes

Written by: Levte Lyton

It’s often touted as a completely modern advance in cinema technology, but did you know that the first 3D film was shown to a paying audience in 1915?

On June 10, at New York’s Astor Theater, three 3D one-reelers were shown to a stunned audience. The first was of rural scenes in the USA; the second was a selection of scenes from silent crime drama Jim the Penman; and the third was a travelog of Niagara Falls.

Of course, the difference between 3D then and 3D now is marked (no red and blue glasses, for one) and they use different techniques, but make no mistake – nearly 100 years ago, a trip to the cinema would result in inappropriate items being insincerely thrust out of the screen.

Check out the rest of this fascinating infographic to learn more about the differences between the cinemas of old and 21st century multiplexes.

History of cinema infographic

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