Top gambling scenes in movies

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Gambling scenes feature in many movies and are used for a variety of dramatic effects such as the lure of riches, the pain of broken dreams, fading glamour, and startling success.

James Bond gambling in Casino Royale

There was plenty of casino scenes in Casino Royale

While some are fun and lighthearted, others are desolate and noir. If you’re a fan of casino movies and enjoy the atmosphere, you might enjoy to try a few casino games yourself. Nowadays, there is no need to travel to get to a casino. You could easily access them online, is one of the popular sites.

Naturally, not all gambling scenes work as well as others, but here are a few that have proven popular and have withstood the test of time.


Robert DeNiro in Casino

Robert De Niro in Casino

Casino is one of the best films that has been made about casinos. In one movie it captures all of the excitement of a casino, with a considerable amount of violence, intrigue and paranoia added to the mix. It is one of the best examples of Martin Scorsese’s genius as a film director and shows how he is able to get the very best performances from his actors. Even Sharon Stone received a Best Actress BAFTA award for her role in the movie and it is generally considered to be her greatest performance.

Choosing just one casino scene is almost impossible, most of them have their fans, but the scene in which Robert De Niro tells Joe Pesci’s henchman to take his feet off the table and when he refuses he is used as a battering ram is certainly up there with the best.


Matt Damon in Rounders

Matt Damon in Rounders

If you enjoy the drama of poker then one of the best films for depicting it is Rounders, a poker movie that achieved cult status and which is considered to be a great poker training movie too. It is about two friends who set out to win a large amount of money at poker so that they can repay a debt.

Again choosing just one casino scene from the movie is difficult, but one that has people sitting on the edge of their seats is when Mikey, played by Matt Damon, is pretty certain that he has the winning hand when he is playing the Russian Teddy “KGB”. Matt Damon is all in to the tune of $30,000, but in the showdown KGB shows a full house with Aces.


Ben Campbell in 21

Ben Campbell in 21

If you can’t win at poker, then anyone can win at blackjack if they are able to do the sort of card counting depicted in the movie 21. Although, again appealing to cult audiences rather than the mainstream it was a great bit of film making.

The best casino scene is the one in which Ben Campbell (Jim Sturgess) goes on tilt and loses several hundred thousand dollars.


Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster in Maverick

Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster in Maverick

Maverick is a very different kind of movie. The most popular scene is set in a poker room in a steamboat when Bret Maverick (Mel Gibson), Annabelle Bransford (Jodie Foster) and Zane Cooper (James Garner) are in the final table and the stakes are high. Watch it and enjoy.

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