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Written by: Mike Shaw

Along with Xbox’s new dashboard, the tech juggernaut is also rolling out a ton of new apps.

The idea is for the Xbox 360 to become your living room home entertainment hub, so it makes sense that among the first of these new apps would be movie services.

Take advantage of the products you can subscribe to for Xbox, and the days of having nothing to watch are long gone.

Sky subscribers can hook their Xbox up to their existing account, but even if you haven’t got a dish on the side of your house, you can still watch Sky programming. Sign up for a Sky Go package (ranging in cost from £15-£40 a month) and you can watch live TV, sports and movies. Since signing up last week, my Freeview has barely been used. The real killer though is having Sky On Demand at your fingertips. There is immediate access to hundreds of films and TV shows, and Sky helpfully break them down into genre. They even split them up into mini boxsets for you too: for example, there is currently a Christmas movie collection and a ‘Brangelina’ boxset. I guarantee you’ll stumble across one that grabs your attention.

LoveFilm logoAn even better value deal is the LoveFilm application. Via a gorgeous interface, and for just £4.99 a month, you can stream unlimited movies direct to your TV through your 360. Those that also own a Kinect will be able to interface with the streaming app through voice commands and gestures, which is super cool. There are loads of movies to choose from, from blockbusters right through to tiny indie flicks, however brand new releases aren’t available to stream.

But, if it’s new films you want, you can still get them direct through your console. The Zune might have a questionable reputation among music fans, but the Zune movie service on Xbox LIVE is brilliant.

Zune logo

You can buy films and have them download to your machine immediately, or choose to rent where you have the option of standard or high definition (HD costs just 100 points more). Again, delivery is immediate.

The Kinect works seamlessly with Zune, so you can play, rewind, or fast forward with your voice. And it’s awesome. Too lazy to pick up the remote? Just holler “Xbox: pause” and it will. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the future.

Author: Mike Shaw

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