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Paul Alexander gives his verdict on Vauxhall Corsa Presents Bandstand steered by Sunday Best

Mark Ronson is an artist with an ever increasingly impressive CV, built through his recent collaborations with the likes of Amy Winehouse and Lily Allen. His name on any set is enough to cause high demand anywhere, however, on this occasion I guess such a coup was simply the icing on the cake. As a first timer at this event I was briefed to expect fancy dress, a great venue and lots of quirky differences to any ordinary event. I was not disappointed.

Located in The Old Billingsgate on Lower Thames Street, the event – sponsored by Corsa – was spectacular to say the least. Having ordered my first drink I followed the various signs around the building, these included the Mad Hatters Tea Party, games areas and of course the main stage. The tea party was something original to say the least. On the first floor of a club holding 1800 people was a group of actors appropriately dressed, immersing themselves in the roles of rabbits and other animals rather enjoying their tea party! Around the corner stood a ten foot wide chess board and a huge Connect 4.

Fancy dress was also on the agenda and the guests did not disappoint. There were racing drivers, cricketers, to Adam Ant, Tinkerbell… the list goes on.

Then onto the small matter of the music. The first few acts generated the atmosphere for a memorable evening. There was a bit of everything, from the one-man-band singing about his native Southend to the Cuban Brothers entertaining the crowd through the whole of the night. With names like Rob da Bank, Annie Mac and a certain Mr Ronson to play to the end, the night was one to remember. Any chance you have a attending this event next year MUST be grabbed with both hands.

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