Natalie Portman’s Sexy Comedy

Written by: Adnovitam

Natalie Portman hot

BYO (BRING YOUR OWN) is a naughty comedy co-written by actress Natalie Portman; Anne Hathaway to star – even if several studios have already passed on the project.

How they could pass when Natalie’s so hot right now is a mystery. They’re kicking themselves now. (And how many women who are famous and naked can look you straight in the eye? Not many Oscar winners, that’s for sure.)

The comedy pivots on two young women who throw a party, the only stipulation being that each party attender must bring an eligible guy to the fray.

Portman is to produce the film and co-star with Anne Hathaway whose latest outing Love And Other Drugs features steamy sex with Jake Gyllenhaal, all in the best possible taste. (Actually, Love And Other Drugs is pretty good.)

UPDATE: Now that Natalie is with child, the project ‘BYO’ looks as if it is on ice for the foreseeable future. Having devoted two years of her working life to Darren Aronofsky’s ‘Black Swan’, however, proves that this lady is beautiful and determined. Once that baby’s born, look out.

And if you think she’ll have anything to do with you, well, why would she? She’s also a scientist.

UPDATE: Natalie’s had her baby boy and will be snapping back into movie shape asap.

Author: Adnovitam

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Responses to Natalie Portman’s Sexy Comedy

  1. John McRedderNo Gravatar

    This is one sexy picture!! I have a boner from it now!

  2. I love this pic. Natalie is so hot.

  3. nice pic .. .. ..

  4. wow…looks like a fun spooning position….mmm

  5. i am from IRAN. i love natalie portman

  6. Hello 🙂

    What is your best Natalie Portman movie??
    mine is Garden State as well as the Anywhere but here

  7. Natalie is Real Hot. Can stare at her pics for hours at a strech

  8. benjammenNo Gravatar

    she’s a babe, wish i had a girl like her

    NATALIE’s best movie is LEON.

  10. i am from IRAN . i love natalie portman (matilda)

  11. Dangerous DaveNo Gravatar

    Isn’t that just a fantastic photograph. I wonder if it’s from a set.

    My favourite Natalie Portman film is Garden State.

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