Book: Confessions of a Chatroom Freak

Written by: Staff Writer

It has to be said from the word go, author Mr Biffo is a comedy genius.

Cover of Confessions of a Chatroom Freak by Mr BiffoConfessions of a Chatroom Freak is a LOL funny take on online chatrooms. The book consists of chat transcripts featuring a guy pretending to be a girl; loopylisa21f.

He/she gets into conversations with what can only be described as sex-crazed perverts. The conversations are just outright ridiculous (‘Tell me what you want to do to my cock/er… wash it?’) but are painfully, painfully funny and leave you wanting more.

With a tone similar to The Timewaster Letters and The Scambaiter Letters, I was crying with laughter plenty of times while reading this book, the best kind of laughter, the laughter that hurts. On occasion though I did find myself cringe, usually at stories concerning Lisa’s friend Craig, tramps or thrush… hilarious!

The occasional snippets from Lisa’s blogs are also sheer brilliance, side splitting and completely mental. Anyone who’s a fan of Mr Biffo should deffo read this book, you will PYL!     RS

Author: Staff Writer

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