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There’s no point in getting too attached to any of the characters in this book, most of them last no longer than two or three (incredibly brief) chapters, and there are dozens of them to take on board.

However, as only a handful escape a gruesome death and make it to the end of the book it sometimes feels like it’s hardly worth the effort.This tale started life on the internet and the regular installments built up a cult following. This explains why each chapter is so short and why most end on some sort of cliffhanger – a device which would work just fine in weekly episodes but is of little use when the following page instantly dispels what precious little tension has been built up on the previous two or three.

The plot centres on the hunt, by several characters, for The Eye of the Moon, a stone with mysterious powers. The author has chosen to remain anonymous and the book is copyrighted to The Bourbon Kid – the name of one of the characters. Is this because he or she is hoping to retain a sense of mystery or because they are a bit embarrassed by their literary efforts?

Probably the former but the latter would make a fair explanation because, although the book is relatively entertaining (even laugh-out-loud funny in a couple of places), the clumsy style of the writer makes reading it feel like wading through treacle.

You may well enjoy this if you’re after something quick and ultimately disposable to read, but you probably won’t remember or care what happens in the end.

I’ve already forgotten.

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Author: Staff Writer

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