BOOK: Guy Pratt – My Bass and Other Animals

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Autobiographies are usually rubbish. Biographies aren’t too bad, as they generally show both sides of their character, but autobiographies only focus on the good character traits of people, and tend to avoid mentioning the little things like their drug-fuelled trips to Uganda or the ‘hilarious’ illegitimate children. Luckily, this book is different.

For those who do not know, Guy Pratt was the replacement bassist for Pink Floyd, following Roger Waters and David Gilmour’s “little tiff”. In this book, in which Guy tells tales from his life so far, we hear about his days touring around Australia in his youth, gigging with Pink Floyd and David Gilmour, performing with Roxy Music during Live8 and recording the music for the sitcoms Spaced and The Young Person’s Guide to Becoming a Rock Star.

The difference between this book and a normal autobiography, is that whereas most autobiographies are just spun out in one bash, with exciting and pointless stories woven together unpredictably. Guy has taken time with this book, even to the point of touring the UK with a stage show which was the forerunner to this book. Not only has this ensured that every ‘yarn’ grabs the reader, but it also keeps them totally engrossed and entertained.

This is a great book, mainly as it’s an interesting insight into one of the biggest bands in the world during their difficult years. It’s very very funny, plus who doesn’t like reading about rock stars getting into a spot of mischief now and again?

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