Amusing tweet of the week

Last night my wife said I drink too much or something. I can't remember.

- tweeted by ericsshadow

  • Tom Hardy in Locke


    Review: Locke

    Written by: Dee PilgrimPosted on:

    Confinement (of the main protagonist and the audience’s point of view) is nothing new in…

  • Amazon's first smartphone


    Amazon’s 3D smartphone is revealed

    Written by: Staff WriterPosted on:

    It’s been rumoured for years, but the first of Amazon’s own-brand smartphones has finally broken…

  • Infamous Second Son


    Review: inFAMOUS – Second Son

    Written by: Lindsay RobertsonPosted on:

    PlayStation 4
    inFAMOUS: Second Son is the third main instalment in the series from Sucker…

  • Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman at WWE Raw after breaking The Undertaker's Streak


    The Raw after WrestleMania 30

    Written by: Phillipa HopwoodPosted on:

    It is perhaps the most anticipated episode of Monday Night Raw of the entire year.…

  • Daniel Bryan wins at WrestleMania 30


    Review: WrestleMania 30

    Written by: Phillipa HopwoodPosted on:

    It was the biggest WrestleMania ever, the fans finally got what they wanted but now…

  • Stephen Dorff and Emile Hirsch in The Motel Life


    Review: The Motel Life

    Written by: Dee PilgrimPosted on:

    Motels have become something of a motif in American movies; faceless, anonymous places on the…

  • Mia Wasikowska in The Double


    Review: The Double

    Written by: Dee PilgrimPosted on:

    Based on a Dostoevsky novella, but coming on like a Kafka and coke-induced hellish hallucination,…

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